About The Cochran Firm

The Law Workers at The Cochran Firm – Huntsville work exclusively On The Side Of People. We utilize the Tort System for both its Primary Social Purpose of Preventing Accidental Injury and Death and Secondarily, Seeking Fair Compensation for our clients. In other words, the Tort System is the Hammer forging a Safer Society. When juries make it more expensive on culpable wrongdoers to act in an unsafe way, it creates a financial incentive for change. At The Cochran Firm, we all agree that “Safety Pays.”

We agree with the Safety and Design Engineering Concept that “Any risk of serious injury or death is always unreasonable and always unacceptable if reasonable injury prevention methods would either eliminate the risk or further minimize the risk.”

“The law is never settled until it is settled right; it is never right until it is just; and it is never just until it serves society to the fullest.” – Harry Philo

Our experienced lawyers at The Cochran Firm Huntsville Alabama are dedicated to serving the people and are recognized for the highest award of service by the Alabama Trial Lawyers Association.

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