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“The law is never settled until it is settled right.”
“The law is never settled right until it is just.“
“The law is not just until it serves society to the fullest.“
- Harry Philo

The primary social purpose of the Tort System is the prevention of accidental injury and death. Only when there is a failing in the primary social purpose do we fall back to the secondary social purpose, and that is to seek fair compensation for the victims. The personal injury attorneys in Huntsville, Alabama are here to support the people in case of personal injury, malpractice, discrimination, or death.

“Tort Liability Is The Hammer Forging A Safer Society.” – Harry Philo

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By combining Safety Engineering and the Tort System, the personal injury attorneys in Huntsville seek to turn a tragic situation into a positive by encouraging culpable wrongdoers to make changes in order to prevent future serious injuries or death from occurring. The Cochran Firm’s attorneys in Huntsville can guide you through local laws and ensure you get the justice you deserve. We cover a large variety of case types and each one of these cases has a set of intricacies that are unique. The lawyers at The Cochran Firm each have a set of specialty skills to ensure that your case is assigned to the most knowledgeable lawyer. Some case types can be extremely sensitive topics to our clients, like personal injury, drunk driving, and nursing home injury. We are here to guide you, the people, in the event you must open a case to pursue the justice owed to you and your loved ones.

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Do You Have Questions About Personal Injury Claims?

How could due care on the part of a culpable wrongdoer have prevented my client’s injury or my client’s decedent’s death?


Has the culpable wrongdoer reduced the risk of serious injury or death as much as reasonably possible?

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Doug received the Al Sansone Service Award, the highest award of service recognized by the Alabama Trial Lawyers Association. He is also a Supporting Member of the Melvin M. Belli Society and Supporting Fellow of the Roscoe Pound Institute. He has twice been selected by the American Trial Lawyers Association as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer. In 1989, Doug was appointed by the Attorney General of the State of Alabama as a member of the Alliance Against Drugs. In 2017, Doug was named a Top 100 Civil Plaintiff’s Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers.

The Cochran Firm Alabama is proud to provide you with attorneys who operate at the highest level and give our exceptional clients results in personal injury matters.